Movie Trailer =D

RotG : Jack Frostby *DarkHalo4321

Not sure if this was posted already but I just love it!

Jack and Santa. Just a little close up on the screenshot released a little while ago.



VOILA! This is the finished product!

(I added more white “frost” on the back part after I took this photo)

Omg that looks so good ;;

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Finalement, colore!

Took an hour break from homework to just quickly colour in the sketches. :3

Next batch of sketches will feature Pitch and Tooth. :D

Nice posing!

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brb sobbing because Jack really is going to be a great character

actually no i won’t i’m going to bed


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Kiki: With so much anticipation from the fandom, including myself, I hope to wish the members involving this project the best of luck. We believe in you, Dreamworks, just like how we believed in our childhood legends.

All the Casts

Holy hell that is so cute and sweet!!

Oops, life happened but I’m back, might be reblogging a lot of jack stuff seeing so much more now! And will try to draw the little frosty bastard again <3